Booking Terms

PLEASE READ This information has been updated!

We have new & improved online booking software & we know you are going to love it!

As of June 2022, you will need to create a new username & password.  Your previous credentials will no longer work. All appointments are scheduled/rescheduled/canceled online only, not by phone. Your appointment is an estimated time therefore we may run late.  Why?  We love them but we know that kids can be unpredictable during their haircut.

How can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Go to (in your browser), Click Schedule/Cancel Appointment, Log In, My Visits, Click Rebook/Reschedule/Cancel Appointment.

What if I miss my appointment or I am late?

There is a charge of 50% for all missed appointments & late appointments that cannot be accommodated. This is used to cover our time/payroll & overhead costs.

What can I expect when I arrive for my appointment?

-Come on in! Have a seat in our waiting area. Your stylist will let you know when she is ready for you. We will no longer be making phone calls.

Top 5 Scheduling Tips!

  1. Choose “First Available Stylist” to maximize best available days & times.
  2. Schedule kids’ appointments in kids’ names, not parent name.
  3. Schedule multiple kids’ appointments in different names, not the same name. This can be done by adding guests.
  4. You can add a guest by clicking +ADD GUEST. This will allow you to book multiple kids & add different client/kids names.
  5. Check your email/text confirmations to make sure you have chosen the correct day, time & location.

Questions & Concerns?

Please contact us on our website. We do not have reception at this time.

Thank you & we look forward to seeing you soon!

The Funky Scissors Family

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